Provide all your employees – whether they’re working from home, on the road, in a branch office or at headquarters –with access to communication and productivity enhancing capabilities. Communication Server 1000 is a tightly integrated access element of the Avaya Aura™ communications platform, that provides contextual based collaborative communications that can increase customer interaction and service – through improved employee contact, extended reach, and always-on communications. The Avaya Communication Server 1000 is an enterprise communications platform and integrated access element of the Avaya Aura™ solution that enables a simple evolutionary path to unified communications. Communications Server 1000 offers a comprehensive suite of reliability and survivability mechanisms to help ensure the integrity of your network, while enabling communications security through a full suite of security features and capabilities. The Communication Server 1000 supports the delivery of business-critical telephony features and Avaya Aura™ features and applications to any user — anywhere on the network.

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