Presence Suite

Presence Voice Outbound

Presence Voice Outbound is a powerful platform for outbound calls market focused on operational efficiency and allows users to have a great performance on its activity. Presence Voice Outbound offers to Contact Centers a tool that increases productivity dramatically and provides great flexibility to the operation of these centers, while optimizing the use of resources in the Contact Center in the most profitable way.

Presence Scripting

Presence Technology’s Scripting module is a powerful visual tool aimed at developing ?????? for telemarketing services, product sales and services, collection and updating of data, paying back, etc.

Presence Voice Inbound

Presence Voice Inbound is the solution that helps Contact Center to manage the flow of incoming calls to their centers. Thanks to the ease of integrating Presence Voice Inbound with other corporate tools (CRMs, databases, ERPs ...), telephone agents can handle calls more efficiently, a better customization and speed of action, since the information available from the incoming call appears in a pop-up screen for better contact management.

Presence Intelligent

This tool defines all of the business strategies based on the intelligent routing of the interactions reaching a contact center in any way (voice, email, chat, internet, sms ...) expanding the possibilities of addressing in the ACD. With Presence Intelligent Routing the best destination for each contact is chosen.

Presence IVR

Presence IVR is a sophisticated interactive voice tool able to produce different strategies in the Contact Center. Presence IVR’s solution helps to cope with the growing number of daily interactions between the customer and a company while maintaining quality, efficiency and response capacity for each interaction.

Presence RoboDialer

Presence RoboDialer is the better solution for massive dialing without human support today. It combines the power of the dialer and the intelligent management of the business strategies providing an interface between Presence IVR and Presence Voice Outbound.

Presence Messaging

Presence Messaging manages email channels, FAX and SMS. It allows customers to interact with the Contact Center via email, FAX or SMS, as the same time that these channels are managed by the same agents that answer the voice services.

Presence Internet

Presence Internet manages chat, web callback and web collaboration. It allows to the customers ask for assistance through chat or web callback while surfing the Internet. This request will be served by the best trained available agent and will allow the synchronization of Web pages between the customer and the agent. In this way, the support to the customers will be guaranteed throughout their browsing. Additionalley, the agent will be able to complete forms in conjuction with the customer in order to support him/her when filling in the fields

Presence Social Media

This solution allows the contact with the customers through social networks, unifying interaction in these channels -comments, tweets, posts or even the use of real-time communication involving instant messaging applications with a full range of functionalities available in your current Contact Center in a simple way and without increasing operating costs.

Presence Back Office

Presence Back Office is a solution that incorporates the back office tasks generated in the Contact Center to an unique queue of Contact Management. The administrative activities under Contact Center generates a large volume of work that many times turns this job in frustration. With Presence Back Office the agents can handle in the unique queue of Contact Management the administrative tasks, in the same way it manages, for example, a voice interaction.

Presence Recording

Presence Recording is a fully integrated solution with Presence Suite that allows the recording of phone conversations in two ways:

  • According to a particular plan
  • On request by the agent

Presence Recording checks for the recording plans whenever the ACD processes a call, and if It belongs to one or more of the established plans, the conversation is entirely recorded.

Presence OpenGate

Presence OpenGate is the full suite of Presence that includes a powerful software platform of VoIP and of multi-channel ACD. It’s a novel concept of Contact Center.

Presence Reporting

Presence Reporting is a set of solutions aimed to improve the control and management processes in a Contact Center. Thanks to this set of solutions, both Contact Center managers and supervisors will have full control of their centers, campaigns and services. All of this in real time and remotely. Thus, managers and supervisors in a Contact Center will have the information necessary to make in advance decisions to improve the productivity of services and campaigns

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