Support and Commissioning Services

Pre sales and post sales consultancy. Service 7x24x365 on the use, features and capabilities of our systems with a highly trained and certified staff. We have the answer to your support needs assuring its continued operation. At the moment you contact us, we will work to provide the best service. Based on your needs we will offer you the most comprehensive and efficient solution. Consider us as your partner, because our interest is that your business can achieve greater productivity by using the new tools and functionalities that IP technology can provide.

Customization and Integration Services

XSpand meets the needs of your company with tailor-made solutions according to specific requirements. A good choice and advice on systems and software tools for an organization it is essential in order to preserve a good performance. Our highly experienced professionals will assist you with the best options in provisioning and commissioning. The goal is a perfect alignment between organizational achievements and capabilities of your computer systems.

Data Network Support Services

We deliver expert insight and also advise you on the design, provisioning and building of your internal data network. Also, you can leave in our hands the administration and support of information and communications systems, we have a highly experienced staff in planning, construction, configuration, administration and support of corporate data networks.

Telephony Network Support Services

State-of-the-art telephony platforms provide all the functionality of traditional PBXs but they also have the ability to provide new services such as IP Telephony, Voicemail-to-Email, Remote Extensions, Integration with Applications on your PC, etc. ... These PABXs are known as IP-enabled or IP-PBXs and we will transform your telephone network into a modern network with value added solutions.

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